Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Wednesday, August 29, 1951

11:30 am                     Norman Ross' Varieties

12 noon                      Meet Mintz with Herbie Mintz
12:15 pm                    Newsroom
12:30 pm                    Your Luncheon Date with Hugh Downs, Nancy Wright, &
                                                                        the Art Van Damme Quintet
1:00 pm                      Club Havana (feature film)
2:00 pm                      Miss Susan with Susan Peters
2:15 pm                      Vacation Wonderland (film of Curaco)
2:30 pm                      Bert Parks Show (guests: Betty Ann Grove, the
                                                                   Heatherstones, & Bobby Sherman)
3:00 pm                      Straw Hat Matinee with Mel Martin (guest: Ernie Lee)
4:00 pm                      Hawkins Falls, Pop. 6200
4:15 pm                      Gabby Hayes Show
4:30 pm                      Howdy Doody with Bob Smith
5:00 pm                      Cactus Jim
5:30 pm                      Visit with Cactus Jim
5:35 pm                      Weatherman with Clint Youle
5:45 pm                      Public Life of Cliff Norton
5:50 pm                      Bill Ray Reports the News

6:00 pm                   Kukla, Fran, & Ollie
6:30 pm                   Song at Twilight (guest: Johnny Andrews)
6:45 pm                   News Caravan with John Swayze
7:00 pm                   Heritage (music & art program)
8:00 pm                   Kraft Theater   "The Ashes In the Wind"
9:00 pm                   Break the Bank with Bert Parks
9:30 pm                   Stars Over Hollywood   "Strange Encounter"
10:00 pm                 Weatherman with Clint Youle
10:10 pm                 Dorsey Connors
10:15 pm                 Len O'Connor & the News
10:30 pm                 Let's Look at Sports with T. Duggan
10:45 pm                 Herbie Mintz Show
11:00 pm                 Camel Movie Hour (title not listed)

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