Monday, April 13, 2015

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Sunday, August 26, 1951

3:00 pm                      Meet the Press with Laurence Spivak & Martha Rountree 
3:30 pm                      Film (title not listed)
4:00 pm                      Gabby Hayes Show
4:30 pm                      Hollywood Junior Circus with Paul Barnes
5:00 pm                      Hopalong Cassidy

6:00 pm                      To be announced
6:30 pm                      Young Mr. Bobbin (premiere)
7:00 pm                      American Inventory   "Opportunities Unlimited"
7:30 pm                      Sports Star Time with Tom Duggan
8:00 pm                      Philco Playhouse   "Night at the Vulcan"
9:00 pm                      American Forum of the Air with Theodore Granik  
                                         "Should West Point Be Abolished?" (guests:
                                          Sen. William Benton[D-CT] & Lowell Limpus)
9:30 pm                      Dinner Date with Death (film)
10:00 pm                    Weatherman with Clint Youle
10:10 pm                    Dorsey Connors
10:15 pm                    News Report with Alex Dreier
10:30 pm                    Let's Look at Sports
10:45 pm                    Industry On Parade
11:00 pm                    De Met Pontiac   "Shifting Sands" & "Eleventh Hour"

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