Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WENR Channel 7 TV Schedule for Sunday, August 26, 1951

11:00 am                    TV Tots Time   "Love On the Range" & "South Sea
11:15 am                    Chester the Pup
11:30 am                    Faith for Today with Rev. W.A. Fagal
11:55 am                    Stories In the Sand with Kay Morrow   "Absalom Betrays
                                                                          His Father"

12:30 pm                 Amateur Hour
1:30 pm                   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
2:00 pm                   Cisco Kid   "Quarantine"
2:30 pm                   Saddle & Sage   "Western Justice"
3:30 pm                   Your Pet Parade with Jack Gregson
4:00 pm                   Super Circus with Claude Kirchner
5:00 pm                   Ted Mack's Family Hour (Guest Host: Bert Lytrell. Guest:
                                                                             Andy Roberts)

6:00 pm                   Summertime Revue with Earl Wrightson & Maureen Cannon
6:30 pm                   Music In Velvet with Rex Maupin
7:00 pm                   Hollywood Adventure Time
8:00 pm                   Sawyer Views Hollywood with Hal Sawyer
8:30 pm                   Marshall Plan In Action
9:00 pm                   Industries for America
9:30 pm                   Youth On the March with Dr. Percy Crawford
10:00 pm                 It Always Rains On Sunday (feature film)

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