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WBBM Channel 2 TV Schedule for Saturday, May 14, 1966

5:55 am                       News
6:00 am                       Sunrise Semester  "Age of Rubens: Heirs to the Tradition"
                                                (notes that this is the last show of the semester)
6:30 am                       Big Picture   "Your Army Reports" (number 3)
7:00 am                       Captain Kangaroo
8:00 am                       Heckle & Jeckle
8:30 am                       Tennessee Tuxedo
9:00 am                       Mighty Mouse
9:30 am                       Lassie
10:00 am                     Tom & Jerry
10:30 am                     Quick Draw McGraw
11:00 am                     Sky King
11:30 am                     Linus (cartoons)

12 noon                    News with Harry Porterfield
12:15 pm                 Lee Phillip (guests: Bobby Johnson & Cheryl Lee Sepser)
12:30 pm                 Wonderful World with Joe Pierce (guests: Carl Gannon  &
                                                                 Paul N. Zimmerer)
1:00 pm                   Your Dollar's Worth with Ruth Carroll
1:30 pm                   Conversations with Dr. Edward Stainbrook
2:00 pm                   Repertoire Workshop   "In Rehearsal: Suradzo"
2:30 pm                   Target: News with Madigan
3:00 pm                   Dial M for Music with Oscar Brand
3:30 pm                   Leave It to Beaver   "Tell It to Ella"
4:00 pm                   Movie   "Tarzan & the Slave Girl"
5:30 pm                   News with Roger Mudd

6:00 pm                  News, Weather
6:25 pm                  Sports with Bruce Roberts
6:30 pm                  Jackie Gleason (rerun)
7:30 pm                  Secret Agent   "A Room In the Basement" (rerun)
8:30 pm                  Face Is Familiar
9:00 pm                  Gunsmoke (rerun)
10:00 pm                News, Weather, Sports
10:20 pm                Movie   "Up Front" (notes that this is the Chicago TV debut
                                                                    of this film)

Early Sunday, May 15, 1966
12:10 am               News with Joe Mathewson
12:15 am               Movie   "A Stolen Life"
2:30 am                 News

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