Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Wednesday, August 29, 1951

10:00 am                      Your Figure, Ladies
10:30 am                      Chicago Cooks
11:30 am                      Hi Ladies with Tommy Bartlett

12 noon                         Russ Davis Show
12:30 pm                       Magic Carpet   "Golf Beaches"
12:45 pm                       Spencer Allen & the News
12:55 pm                       Batting Practice with Vince Lloyd
1:10 pm                         Lead-Off Man with Harry Creighton (notes that an
                                                                  autographed baseball will be presented
                                                                    to Marc Rosen)
1:25 pm                         Baseball:Washington Senators at Chicago White Sox
                                                              with Jack Brickhouse
3:45 pm                         Tenth Inning with Harry Creighton (guest: Mrs.
                                                              Clarence Johnson)
4:30 pm                         Telephone Game with Harold Isbell
5:00 pm                         Trail Blazer's Theater   "Roll Wagons Roll"
5:45 pm                         Foto Test with Frank Sweeney

6:00 pm                       Captain Video
6:30 pm                       First Edition with Frann Weigle
6:45 pm                       Chicagoland Newsreel
7:00 pm                       Club House with Jack Brickhouse & Marty Hogan
7:30 pm                       Sailor Be Good (feature film)
8:00 pm                       What's the Story
8:30 pm                        Shadow of the Cloak   "Consignment to Oblivion"
9:00 pm                        Press Conferences with Lee Schooler
9:30 pm                        Camera Caravan   "On Stage"
10:00 pm                      The Brothers (feature film)
11:30 pm                      Business Opportunities On TV
11:45 pm                      Chicagoland Newsreel

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