Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, August 26. 1951

10:45 am                      Magic Carpet (film short)
11:00 am                      Flying Tigers
11:30 am                      Under Strange Flags (feature film)

12:55 pm                    Batting Practice with Vince Lloyd
1:10 pm                      Lead-Off Man with Harry Creighton (notes that an
                                                   autographed baseball will be presented to
                                                   Bruce Wochinski)
1:25 pm                      Baseball: New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox(1st of
                                                                                     a doubleheader)
3:45 pm                      Tenth Inning  with Harry Creighton (guest: Mrs. G.M.
                                                                            Warren of Valparaiso, IN)
4:00 pm                      Baseball: New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox (2nd

6:30 pm                     Powerhouse of Sports with Jack Powers
6:45 pm                     Not for Publication
7:00 pm                     Chicago Newsreel Review
7:30 pm                     Pentagon   "Navy In Training"
8:00 pm                     Rocky King, Detective   "No Soap"
8:30 pm                     Plainclothesman   "The Fine Art of Homicide"
9:00 pm                     Stars of Tomorrow with Lee Bennett
9:30 pm                     Courtesy Theater with Jim Moran   "Grand Canyon"
11:00 pm                   Waterfront Lady (feature film)

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