Monday, April 13, 2015

WBKB Channel 4 TV Schedule for Sunday, August 26, 1951

10:00 am                      Q Planes (feature film)
11:40 am                      Your Future Home with Ed Cooper
11:55 am                       Swing Parade (feature film)

1:10 pm                       Vitamix (commercial)
1:30 pm                       Film (no title listed)
1:40 pm                       Multiscope News (ticker tape)
2:30 pm                       Multiscope News (ticker tape)
3:30 pm                       Film (no title listed)
4:00 pm                       Lamp Unto My Feet
4:30 pm                       Man of the Week
5:00 pm                       Shadow Strikes (feature film)

6:00 pm                       Gene Autry Show   "Double Switch"
6:30 pm                       Go Lucky with Jan Murray
7:00 pm                       Toast of the Town (Guest Hosts: Robert Alda & Isabel
                                                                   Bigley; Guests: Buster Keaton, Bobby
                                                                   Sargent, Eddie Mayohoff, & the
8:00 pm                       Guest House with Durward Kirby
9:00 pm                       Celebrity Time with Conrad Nagel
9:30 pm                       What's My Line? with John Daly
10:00 pm                     Celia (feature film)
11:30 pm                     Film (title not listed)
11:45 pm                     Ulmer Turner & the News

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