Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WMAQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Sunday, May 15, 1966

7:30 am                      Astroboy   "The Return of Cleopatra"
8:00 am                      By Gemini
8:30 am                      Join In with Bob Hale
9:00 am                      Conversations (guests: Professor William Limmeman, Dr.
                                                              Theodore Sands, Dr. James Fisher & Dr.
                                                                 Francis Belshe)
9:30 am                      Everyman   "Protestant Manifesto"
10:00 am                    Eternal Quest with Herb Graham
10:30 am                    Space Theater
11:30 am                    Lone Ranger   "Slim's Boy"

12 noon                   Meet the Press (guest: Sen. Frank Church [D-ID])
12:30 pm                Catholic Hour   "After the Reformation"
1:00 pm                  City Desk
1:30 pm                  Desilu Playhouse   "The Hanging Judge"
2:30 pm                  Have Gun, Will Travel
3:00 pm                  NBC Sports In Action
4:00 pm                  Vietnam Review
4:30 pm                  G.E. College Bowl with Robert Earle: Florence State
                                                                  College vs. last week's winner
5:00 pm                  Frank McGee
5:30 pm                  NBC News Special   "An Austrian Affair"

6:30 pm                 Walt Disney's World   "Return of True Son" (rerun)
7:30 pm                 Branded   "The Bar Sinister" (rerun)
8:00 pm                 Bonanza   "A Dollar's Worth of Trouble"
9:00 pm                 Frank Sinatra: A Man & His Music (special; rerun: notes that
                                                            Wackiest Ship is preempted)
10:00 pm               News, Weather
10:30 pm               News Documentary with Bill Lindsay (featured: Dr. George J.
11:00 pm               Dick Powell Theater   "Good-Bye, Hannah"

Early Monday, May 16, 1966
12 midnight          Beachcomber   "Home to Roost"

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