Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Saturday, May 14, 1966

6:20 am                       Side Show (cartoons)
6:45 am                       Passing Parade
7:00 am                       News, Weather, Sports
7:15 am                       Ray Rayner
8:00 am                       Gene Autry   "Lost Chance"
8:30 am                       Three Stooges (shorts)
9:00 am                       Superman
9:30 am                       Cartoons
10:00 am                     Movie   "Dodge City"

12 noon                      Your Senator Reports with Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-IL)
12:15 pm                    Your Income Tax with Guy de Filippis
12:30 pm                    Wanted: Dead or Alive   "The Twain Shall Meet"
1:00 pm                      Lead-Off Man
1:15 pm                      Baseball: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs
3:45 pm                      Tenth Inning
4:00 pm                      Adventures In Paradise
5:00 pm                      Adventure with Dr. Frank Baxter   "Gypsy Caravan
                                                                 Through Ireland"
5:30 pm                     Science Fiction Theater   "Signals from the Moon"

6:00 pm                    Horse Race from Aqueduct
6:30 pm                    Death Valley Days  "The Fight San Francisco Never Forgot"
7:00 pm                    Maverick   "Iron Hand"
8:00 pm                    Hawaiian Eye   "A Likely Story"
9:00 pm                    Naked City
9:30 pm                    An Evening with Billy Daniels (special)
10:00 pm                  News, Weather
10:15 pm                  Movie   "Garden of Evil"

Early Sunday, May 15, 1966
12:10 am                 All-Night Features: "The Plunderers", "The Rebel Set",
                                     "Public Enemy's Wife", & "Two Guys from Texas"

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