Saturday, January 25, 2014

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Sunday, June 14, 1953

   9:30 am                   The Pulpit with Rev. Thomas Byrne of St. Patrick's Church in Chicago, IL
   9:45 am                   What One Person Can Do (featured: Jerry Colonna)
 10:00 am                   Sunday Funnies
 10:15 am                   Magic Clown
 10:30 am                   Sunday Feature   "Tomorrow's Youth"
 11:30 am                   Live & Learn with Dr. William E. Henry   "Psychology for Living" & "Social

 12 noon                      Kids Karnival Kwiz
 12:30 pm                    Frontiers of Faith
   1:00 pm                    How Does Your Garden Grow? with John Ott
   1:30 pm                    American Forum of the Air (guests: Sen. John F. Kennedy [D-MA] & Sen.
                                                 William A. Purtell [R-CT])
   2:00 pm                    Youth Wants to Know (guest: Rep. Dewey Short [R-MO])
   2:30 pm                    Here's to Your Health   "Medicine: Fact or Fiction?"
   3:00 pm                    Kukla, Fran, & Ollie
   3:30 pm                    Zoo Parade with R. Marlin Perkins
   4:00 pm                    Hall of Fame   "Abbotsford"
   4:30 pm                    Sightseeing with the Swayzes    "Virginia"
   4:45 pm                    Window On Washington
   5:00 pm                    Meet the Press (guest: Sen. Robert A. Taft [R-OH])
   5:30 pm                    Roy Rogers Show   "Knockout"

   6:00 pm                   Red Skelton Show (guest: Helen O'Connell)
   6:30 pm                   Mister Peepers
   7:00 pm                   Comedy Hour with Bob Hope, Rosemary Clooney, Frankie Laine, Randy
                                                             Merriman, & Bess Myerson
   8:00 pm                   TV Playhouse   "Her Prince Charming"
   9:00 pm                   The Doctor   "The Dog Tag"
   9:30 pm                   The Big Picture
 10:00 pm                   Weatherman with Clint Youle
 10:10 pm                   Dorsey Connors Show
 10:15 pm                   News with Alex Dreier
 10:30 pm                   Sports Star Time
 11:00 pm                   Eleventh Hour Theater   "Suspense"

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