Saturday, January 25, 2014

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, June 14, 1953

   9:45 am                   Morning Movie Time   "Offshore Raceway"
 10:00 am                   Sunday's Outstanding Drama   "Jamaica Inn"
 11:30 am                   Adventure Theater   "Fighting Devil Dogs"

 12 noon                    Action Theater   "Paroled to Die"
   1:00 pm                  Batting Practice
   1:10 pm                  Lead-Off Man
   1:30 pm                  Baseball: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox (1st game)
   3:45 pm                  Tenth Inning
   4:00 pm                  Baseball: Boston Red Sox at Chicago White Sox (2nd game)

   6:00 pm                   Douglas Fairbanks Presents   "The Clock"
   6:30 pm                   TV Showcase
   7:30 pm                   The Big Picture
   8:00 pm                   Rocky King, Detective   "Door to Happiness"
   8:30 pm                   The Plainclothesman   "The Unlucky Groom"
   9:00 pm                    What's Your Bid?
   9:30 pm                    Meet Your Congress
 10:00 pm                    Television Theater   "Operation Haylift"
 11:30 pm                    News with Les Nichols

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