Monday, January 27, 2014

WBKB Channel 7 TV Schedule for Thursday, June 18, 1953

   9:30 am                   Cartoons
   9:45 am                   Beulah Karney
 10:30 am                   Let's Exercise with Ed Allen
 10:50 am                   Your Weather
 10:55 am                   News with Ulmer Turner
 11:00 am                   Breakfast with Danny O'Neil
 11:55 am                   News

 12 noon                    Happy Pirates with Two Ton Baker
 12:15 pm                 Movie Quick Quiz
 12:30 pm                 Time for Fun with Nicky Francis & Bobo
 12:55 pm                 News
   1:00 pm                 Matinee Movietime (no title listed)
   2:25 pm                 News
   2:30 pm                 Every Woman's Theater   "Defenders of the Law"
   3:00 pm                 Shopper's Matinee   "Ghost Walks"
   3:55 pm                 News
   4:00 pm                 Family Movie Theater   "No Living Witness"
   5:00 pm                 Laugh Time
   5:30 pm                 Adventure Time with Bob Atcher

   6:00 pm              News with Austin Kiplinger
   6:10 pm              Sports Highlights with Jack Drees
   6:25 pm              Your Weather
   6:30 pm              Lone Ranger   "Hidden Fortune"
   7:00 pm              Ramar of the Jungle   "Forbidden Village"
   7:30 pm              Chance of a Lifetime with Dennis James
   8:00 pm              Playhouse   "A Night for Crime"
   9:00 pm              Impact with Austin Kiplinger
   9:30 pm              Quick As a Flash with Bud Collyer
 10:00 pm             Austin Kiplinger & the News
 10:15 pm             Sports with Jack Drees
 10:25 pm             Your Weather
 10:30 pm             What's Your Question?
 11:00 pm             News with Ulmer Turner
 11:10 pm             Chicago Comments with Tom Duggan

Early Friday, June 19, 1953
 12 midnight          Nite Owl Movie   "The Guv'nor"

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