Monday, January 27, 2014

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Wednesday, June 17, 1953

   9:00 am                     Your Figure, Ladies with Paul Fogarty
   9:30 am                     Daredevils of the Red Circle
 10:00 am                     A to Z of Cookery   "Church Social"
 11:00 am                     First Curtain   "Trails of Peril"
 11:30 am                     Clete Roberts
 11:45 am                     Earl Nightingale

 12 noon                     Hi Ladies
 12:45 pm                  Baseball with the Girls
   1:00 pm                  Batting Practice
   1:10 pm                  Lead-Off Man
   1:30 pm                  Baseball: Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
   3:45 pm                  Tenth Inning
   4:00 pm                  TV Matinee (no title listed)
   4:45 pm                  Time for Beany
   5:00 pm                  Watch to Win with Tom Moore
   5:30 pm                  Robert F. Hurleigh
   5:45 pm                  Ernie Simon

   6:00 pm               Captain Video
   6:30 pm               News with Spencer Allen
   6:45 pm               Chicagoland Newsreel
   7:00 pm               Theater   "Wagon Wheels Westward"
   8:00 pm               Front Page Detective   "The Intruder"
   8:30 pm               Through the Camera Eye
   9:00 pm               Old American Barn Dance
   9:30 pm               Liberace Show
 10:00 pm               Theater   "Bowery at Midnight"
 11:30 pm               News with Les Nichols

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