Sunday, January 26, 2014

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Monday, June 15, 1953

   6:45 am                   Town & Farm with Everett Mitchell
   7:30 am                   Today with Dave Garroway (5 min. news briefs with Len O'Connor at 7:25 am,
                                               7:55 am, 8:25 am & 8:55 am)
   9:00 am                   Ding Dong School with Frances Horwich
   9:30 am                   Animal Playtime with Win Stracke
 10:00 am                   Ask Washington
 10:30 am                   Mrs. U.S.A.
 11:00 am                   Creative Cookery with Francois Pope

 12 noon                    Noontime Comics
 12:30 pm                  Bob (Murphy) & Kay (Westfall)
 12:55 pm                  News
   1:00 pm                  Channel 5 Theater   "Blazing Barriers"
   2:00 pm                  Break the Bank
   2:30 pm                  Welcome Travelers
   3:00 pm                  On Your Account
   3:30 pm                  Ladies Choice with Johnny Dugan
   4:00 pm                  Hawkins Falls
   4:15 pm                  Gabby Hayes Show
   4:30 pm                  Howdy Doody
   5:00 pm                  Elmer the Elephant & John Conrad
   5:30 pm                  Kids Karnival Kwiz
   5:50 pm                  News with Jack Angell

   6:00 pm                 Weather with Clint Youle
   6:05 pm                 Sports with Joe Wilson
   6:10 pm                 Dorsey Connors
   6:15 pm                 Town Crier
   6:30 pm                 Bob & Ray
   6:45 pm                 News Caravan
   7:00 pm                 Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show
   7:30 pm                 Voice of Firestone (guest: Rise Stevens)
   8:00 pm                 Ford 50th Anniversary Show (guests: Ethel Merman, Oscar Hammerstein II,
                                          Marion Anderson, Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll, Wally Cox, Mary
                                          Martin, Edward R. Murrow, Oliver J. Dragon, Lowell Thomas, Leland
                                          Heyward, Rudy Vallee, Frank Sinatra, Teddy Wilson, Eddie Fisher,
                                          Howard Lindsay, & Dorothy Stickney (also seen on WBBM[4])
 10:00 pm                 The Weatherman with Clint Youle
 10:10 pm                 Dorsey Connors Show
 10:15 pm                 Jim Hurlbut & the News
 10:30 pm                 Let's Look at Sports
 10:45 pm                 Herbie Mintz Show
 11:00 pm                 Harness Racing from Maywood Park

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