Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WLS Channel 7 TV Schedule for Saturday, December 14, 1968

   7:30 am                    Beatles (cartoons)
   8:00 am                    Casper
   8:30 am                    Gulliver
   9:00 am                    Spider-Man
   9:30 am                    Fantastic Voyage
 10:00 am                    Journey to the Center of the Earth
 10:30 am                    Fantastic Four
 11:00 am                    NCAA Pregame
 11:15 am                    Liberty Bowl: Mississippi Rebels vs. Virginia Tech Gobblers (regular
                                                             programming is preempted)

   2:15 pm                 Golf Highlights
   2:30 pm                 George of the Jungle
   3:00 pm                 Bandstand
   4:00 pm                 Boxing: Nino Benvenuti vs. Don Fullmer (special)
   5:30 pm                 News, Weather

   6:00 pm                Passage to Adventure (Portugal part 1)
   6:30 pm                Dating Game with Jim Lange
   7:00 pm                Newlywed Game
   7:30 pm                Lawrence Welk
   8:30 pm                Hollywood Palace with Jimmy Durante (guests: Ethel Merman, Sugar Ray
                                                   Robinson, Bill "Jose Jimenez" Dana, Vicki Carr, Leland Palmer,
                                                   Hendra & Ullett, the Iriston Horsemen, the Buddy Schwab Dancers,
                                                   & the Mitchell Ayres Orchestra)
   9:30 pm                Passage to Adventure (Portugal conclusion)
 10:00 pm                News, Weather, Sports
 10:30 pm                Movie   "Man's Favorite Sport?"

Early Sunday, December 15, 1968
 12:55 am               Movie   "This Land Is Mine"
   3:00 am               News

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