Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WBBM Channel 2 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 15, 1968

   6:55 am                      News
   7:00 am                      Tom & Jerry
   7:30 am                      Aquaman
   8:00 am                      Project Head Start
   8:30 am                      Magic Door
   9:00 am                      Hanukkah Special (Hanukkah-themed episodes of "Look Up & Live" &
                                                                         "Lamp Unto My Feet")
 10:00 am                     Camera Three (guest: Vinie Burrows)
 10:30 am                     About You
 11:00 am                     Your Dollar's Worth (guests: Anne Coulter, Lorraine L. Blair, & Paul S. Jaffe)
 11:30 am                     Face the Nation (guest: Clark Clifford)

 12 noon                       News, Weather
 12:15 pm                     Movie   "Love Me or Leave Me"
   2:15 pm                     Eye On the NFL
   2:30 pm                     NFL Pregame
   3:00 pm                     Pro Football: Baltimore Colts at Los Angeles Rams (notes that this is the last
                                                            game of the regular season)

   6:00 pm                 Lassie   "Out of the Frying Pan"
   6:30 pm                 Gentle Ben   "Warden's Pond"
   7:00 pm                 Ed Sullivan (guests: Gwen Verdon, Steve Rossi & Joe E. Ross, Norm Crosby,
                                                       Anna Maria Alberghetti, Stevie Wonder, & Anna Lou & Maris)
   8:00 pm                 Smothers Brothers (guests: the Doors, George Carlin, & the Committee[improv
   9:00 pm                 Mission: Impossible   "The Bargain"
 10:00 pm                 News, Weather, Sports
 10:45 pm                 Movie   "Two Weeks In Another Town"

Early Monday, December 16, 1968
 12:55 am                Movie   "The Creature Walks Among Us"
   2:25 am                News

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