Saturday, January 25, 2014

WBBM Channel 4 TV Schedule for Sunday, June 14, 1953

   9:45 am                    Lamp Unto My Feet
 10:15 am                    Morning Matinee   "Rock River Renegade"
 11:30 am                    Candy Carnival

 12 noon                     News at Noon
 12:15 pm                   Your Future Home
 12:30 pm                   Western Movie Theater   "Tonto Basin Outlaw"
   1:30 pm                   Film   "Captain Tugboat Annie"
   2:30 pm                   Film (no title listed)
   3:00 pm                   Film (no title listed)
   3:30 pm                   Man of the Week (doesn't say who he is)
   4:00 pm                   Adventure   "Our Moon & Other Moons"
   5:00 pm                   You Are There   "The Flight of Rudolph Hess"
   5:30 pm                   See It Now

   6:00 pm                 Gene Autry   "The Peacemaker"
   6:30 pm                 Your Play Time   "Counterplot"
   7:00 pm                 Toast of the Town with Ed Sullivan (guests: Smith & Dale, Gracie Fields, Hal
                                            Le Roy, Joe Howard, Will Oakland, the Ford Choir, the Longfellow
                                            Troubadors, & the cast of Arthur Godfrey & His Friends.)
   8:00 pm                 Fred Waring
   8:30 pm                 Ken Murray
   9:00 pm                 The Web   "A Perfect Imitation"
   9:30 pm                 What's My Line?
 10:00 pm                 Stock Car Races
 10:30 pm                 Movie Theater   "Hidden Enemy"
 11:50 pm                 Nite Owl Theater (no title listed)

Early Monday, June 15, 1953
 12:50 am               Meditation

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