Thursday, July 23, 2015

WTMJ Channel 3 TV Schedule for Friday, November 24, 1950

1:45 pm                     Showroom with Roberta Quinlan
2:00 pm                     What's New In the Home with Breta Griem
2:45 pm                     Shopping News
3:00 pm                     Kate Smith Show with Ted Collins
4:00 pm                     Feminine Viewpoint
4:30 pm                     Howdy Doody Show
5:00 pm                     Cactus Jim
5:30 pm                    Joe DiMaggio Show
5:45 pm                    Vi & Jerry Wagner

6:00 pm                 Kukla, Fran, & Ollie
6:30 pm                 Sports Picture
6:45 pm                 News Caravan with John Swayze
7:00 pm                 Mama
7:30 pm                 You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx
8:00 pm                 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
9:00 pm                Boxing from Madison Square Garden (no contenders listed)
9:45 pm                Greatest Fights of the Century (no details listed)
10:00 pm              TV Open House with Tom Moore
10:30 pm              Let's Look at the News
10:35 pm              Roller Derby with Joe Hasel (no teams listed)
11:15 pm              Lights Out
11:45 pm              Broadway Open House

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