Monday, July 20, 2015

WBKB Channel 4 TV Schedule for Friday, November 24, 1950

10:00 am                      Fun & Features with George Menard
10:15 am                      Fun & Figures with Ed Allen
11:00 am                      Tel-A-Shopper with Betty Whitney

12 noon                      INS Newsreel with Ulmer Turner
12:15 pm                   For Ladies Only
12:30 pm                   Cooking Is Fun with Tina Redmond
1:00 pm                     Bill Evans Show
2:00 pm                     Let's Have Fun with Hank Grant
3:00 pm                     Homemakers' Exchange
3:30 pm                     Vanity Fair with Dorothy Sloan
4:00 pm                     Lucky Pup with Doris Brown
4:15 pm                     Funny Bunnies (cartoons)
4:20 pm                     TV Billboard (ticker tape)
4:30 pm                     Comic Capers (puppet show)
4:45 pm                     Multiscope News (ticker tape)
5:15 pm                     Window Shopping (commercial)
5:30 pm                     Wrangler's Club
5:45 pm                     Tom Corbett Space Cadet

6:00 pm                   Music Bowl with Danny O'Neil
6:15 pm                   News with Ulmer Turner
6:30 pm                   CBS News with Douglas Edwards
6:45 pm                   Perry Como Show (guests: the Fontaine Sisters)
7:00 pm                   Mama
7:30 pm                   Man Against Crime
8:00 pm                   Magnavox Theater   "The Three Musketeers"
9:00 pm                   Star of the Family with Morton Downey (guests: Polyna
                                                              Stoska, Herb Shriner, & Georgie Tapps)
9:30 pm                   Hit Spot
10:00 pm                 Curbstone Cut-Up with Ernie Simon
10:15 pm                 Wrestling from Hollywood (no contenders listed)
11:00 pm                 Film (no title listed)
11:25 pm                 Tomorrow's Weather
11:30 pm                 Murder Before Midnight

Early Saturday, November 25, 1950
12 midnight           INS Newsreel with Ulmer Turner
12:15 am               Night Owl Movies (no titles listed)
1:45 am                 Late War News (ticker tape)  

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