Thursday, July 9, 2015

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Wednesday, November 22, 1950

12 noon                       Meet Mintz with Herbie Mintz
12:15 pm                     Newsroom
12:30 pm                     Panorama Shop with Luckey North
1:00 pm                       Feature Film   "Melody Parade"
2:00 pm                       Ransom Sherman Show
2:30 pm                       Bert Parks Show
3:00 pm                       Kate Smith Hour
4:00 pm                       NBC Comics
4:15 pm                       Panhandle Pete & Jennifer   "Rapid Jack Rabbit & the 
                                                                                      Turkey Hunt"
4:30 pm                       Howdy Doody Show with Bob Smith
5:00 pm                       Cactus Jim
5:30 pm                       Crusader Rabbit (cartoons)
5:35 pm                       News with Clifton Utley
5:45 pm                       Weatherman with Clint Youle
5:55 pm                       Public Life of Cliff Norton

6:00 pm                   Kukla, Fran, & Ollie
6:30 pm                   Showroom
6:45 pm                   News Caravan with John Swayze
7:00 pm                   Four Star Revue
8:00 pm                   Kraft Theater   "The Romantic Young Lady"
9:00 pm                   Break the Bank with Bert Parks
9:30 pm                   Stars Over Hollywood   "Winter Love"
10:00 pm                 Weatherman with Clint Youle
10:10 pm                  Dorsey Connors Show
10:15 pm                  News with Clifton Utley
10:30 pm                  Let's Look at Sports with Tom Duggan
10:45 pm                  Herbie Mintz Show
11:00 pm                  Broadway Open House

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