Thursday, July 23, 2015

WENR Channel 7 TV Schedule for Friday, November 24, 1950

11:00 am                  Bob & Kay Show

1:00 pm                  Housewives' Holiday
4:00 pm                  Lois & Looie (cartoons)
4:15 pm                  Space Patrol
4:30 pm                  Sagebrush Theater   "Borderland" (part I)
5:00 pm                  Mary Hartline Show
5:15 pm                  Sandy Strong (puppet show)
5:30 pm                  Adventure Time
5:45 pm                  Uncle Mistletoe

6:00 pm               War Tonight (news program)
6:05 pm               Club Seven (music program)
6:25 pm               Nation Tonight (news program)
6:30 pm               Life with Linkletter
7:00 pm               Twenty Questions with Bill Slater
7:30 pm               National Pro Football (highlights program; no other details
8:00 pm              Pulitzer Prize Playhouse   "The End Game"
9:00 pm              Penthouse Party with Betty Furness (guests: the Buddy Wood
                                                          Trio & Don Cherry)
9:30 pm              Studs' Place
10:00 pm            Courtesy Hour with Jim Moran
11:00 pm            News with Paul Harvey
11:10 pm            Flana-Grams (sports news)
11:20 pm            Walter "Fats" Pischon
11:30 pm            Top O' the Weather with Russ Reed

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