Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Tuesday, November 21, 1950

10:00 am                     Your Figure Ladies (exercise program)
10:15 am                     Needlecraft Parade
10:30 am                     Chicago Cooks with B. Barkley
11:30 am                     Chicagoland Newsreel
11:45 am                     Telesports Digest

12 noon                      Chicago Calendar with Jack Brickhouse
1:00 pm                      Open House with Frankie Masters
2:00 pm                      Stop the Record
2:30 pm                      Telephone Game
3:00 pm                      Feature Film  "One Year Later"
4:00 pm                      Hi Ladies with Tommy Bartlett
4:30 pm                     Foto Test with Danny O'Neil
5:00 pm                     Small Fry Club
5:30 pm                     Trail Blazers' Theater

6:00 pm                   Captain Video
6:30 pm                   News with Austin Kiplinger
6:40 pm                   Weather News with Frann Weigle
6:45 pm                   Chicagoland Newsreel
7:00 pm                   Court of Current Issues
7:30 pm                   John Hopkins Science Review
8:00 pm                   Cavalcade of Bands with Ted Steel
9:00 pm                   Star Time (variety show; guests: Frances Langford, Lew
                                                       Parker & the Benny Goodman Sextet)
10:00 pm                Feature Film   "Nothing Sacred"
11:30 pm                Chicagoland Newsreel

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