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WTVJ Channel 4 TV Schedule for Saturday, December 5, 1970

6:15 am                     Sunrise Semester   "Renaissance Art: Bellini, Mantegna"
6:45 am                     News en Espanol with Reyes
7:00 am                     Cartoons
8:00 am                     Bugs Bunny/Road Runner
9:00 am                     Sabrina (cartoons)
10:00 am                   Josie & the Pussycats (cartoons)
10:30 am                   Harlem Globetrotters (cartoons)
11:00 am                   Archie (cartoons)

12 noon                    Scooby Doo (cartoons)
12:30 pm                  Monkees (rerun)
1:00 pm                    Mr. Magoo (cartoons)
1:30 pm                    Mister Ed   "Ed Visits a Gypsy" (rerun)
2:00 pm                    Movie   "Snow White & the Three Stooges"
4:00 pm                    Lost In Space
5:00 pm                    Hee Haw (guests: Ray Charles, Lynda W. Lance, &
                                                        Buckaroo Doyle Holly)

6:00 pm                News Weekend with Larry King (guest: Jerry West)
6:30 pm                Perry Mason   "The Fanciful Frail"
7:30 pm                A Charlie Brown Christmas (cartoon; special; rerun; notes that
                                                                         regular programming is preempted)
8:00 pm               Frosty the Snowman (cartoon; special; rerun)
8:30 pm               My Three Sons   "The Bride Went Home"
9:00 pm               Arnie   "Sell Mates"
9:30 pm               Mary Tyler Moore   "Anchorman Overboard"
10:00 pm             Miss Teenage America (special; notes that Mannix will not air)
11:30 pm             News Weekend

Early Sunday, December 6, 1970
12 midnight         Movie   "The Prodigal"

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