Thursday, June 11, 2015

WPLG Channel 10 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 6, 1970

6:30 am                      Across the Fence
7:00 am                      Learning Ladder
9:00 am                      Protestant Worship Hour
9:30 am                      Jewish Worship Hour
10:00 am                    Amazing Grace
10:30 am                    Mass for Shut-Ins
11:00 am                    Pan Americana
11:30 am                    Job Line

12 noon                     College Football 1970 with Bob Murphy (highlights;
                                                             notes this is the last show of the season)
1:00 pm                     News with Lee Taylor
1:30 pm                     Drag Racing: Inaugural Supernational Drag Race(taped;
                                                           preempts regular programming)
3:30 pm                    Barefoot In the Park  "Disorder In the Court"
4:00 pm                    Movie   "My Sister Eileen"

6:00 pm                 News with Bob Hughes
6:30 pm                 Ian Tyson Show
7:00 pm                 Young Rebels   "The Dangerous Ally"

8:00 pm                 FBI  "The Target"
9:00 pm                 Movie   "Circus World" (rerun)
11:50 pm               News with Bob Hughes

Early Monday, December 7, 1970
12:35 am              Matt Lincoln
1:25 am                Movie   "The Girl In the Kremlin"

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