Friday, June 26, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, November 19, 1950

12 noon                       Fantasy Playhouse   "Let Freedom Ring"
1:00 pm                       Double Feature Movies   "Double Cross" & "Rainbow
                                                                               Over the Range"
4:00 pm                       Film Varieties
4:30 pm                       Women In the News with Adelaide Hawley
4:45 pm                       Film Varieties
5:00 pm                       Dress-Up Quiz with Holland Engle & George Bauer
5:30 pm                       Chicagoland Newsreel Review

6:00 pm                    Request Performance with Irv Kupcinet
6:30 pm                    Happiness House with Danny O' Neil
7:00 pm                    Billy Carson Stories   "Billy the Kid"
8:00 pm                    Arthur Murray Show
9:00 pm                    Stars of Tomorrow with Lee Bennett
9:30 pm                    Courtesy Theater (feature film)  "Girl In Chains"
11:00 pm                  Eloise Salutes the Stars with Eloise McElhone (guests: Elsa
                                               Maxwell & Shepherd Traub)

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