Thursday, June 11, 2015

WCKT Channel 7 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 6. 1970

7:00 am                     Jambo (rerun)
7:30 am                     Here Comes the Grump
8:00 am                     Sunday Funnies
8:30 am                     Hot Dog
9:00 am                     Church & the World Today
9:30 am                     Horizons of Faith
10:00 am                   Still Small Voice
10:30 am                   Dr. Kildare
11:30 am                   Pro Football Highlights

12:30 pm                Meet the Press
1:00 pm                  Pro Football: Oakland Raiders at New York Jets
4:00 pm                  Movie   "Ivanhoe"

6:00 pm                Florida Forum
6:30 pm                NBC News
7:00 pm                Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins (rerun)
7:30 pm                Hall of Fame   "The Littlest Angel" (special; rerun; notes that
                                                    World of Disney & Bill Cosby will not be seen)
9:00 pm               Dick Van Dyke Meets Bill Cosby (special; notes that Mannix is
10:00 pm           Bold Ones: the Lawyers  "The People Against Doctor Chapman"
11:00 pm           News with Richard Whitcomb
11:30 pm           Johnny Carson

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