Thursday, June 25, 2015

WENR Channel 7 TV Schedule for Sunday, November 19, 1950

12 noon                      Bible Stories with Kay Morrow
12:30 pm                    Jack Holden (described as "commercial commentary",
                                                            whatever that means)
1:00 pm                      Amateur Hour
1:30 pm                      Gene Autry Show
2:00 pm                      Hopalong Cassidy  "Hopalong Cassidy Enters"
3:10 pm                      Gigi & Jack (puppet show)
3:40 pm                      TV Tots Time (cartoons)
4:00 pm                      Super Circus with Claude Kirchner, Mary Hartline, Cliffy,
                                                        Scampy, Nick Francis, & Princess Musetta)
5:00 pm                      Cowboys & Injuns
5:30 pm                      Ruggles

6:00 pm                    Paul Whiteman Show (guest: Ann Jeffreys)
6:30 pm                    Showtime U.S.A. (guest: Duke Ellington)
7:00 pm                    Hollywood Premiere Theater with Gil Lamb
7:30 pm                    Movies In the Home
8:00 pm                    Crusade In Europe (chapter III)   "America Goes to War"
8:30 pm                    Marshall Plan In Action
9:00 pm                    Old-Fashioned Gospel Meeting with Dr. Charles E. Fuller
9:30 pm                    Youth On the March with Dr. P. Crawford
10:00 pm                  Feature Film   "Badge of Honor"

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