Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WPLG Channel 10 TV Schedule for Saturday, December 5, 1970

7:00 am                        Learning Ladder
8:00 am                        Uncle Bob
8:15 am                        Cartoons
8:30 am                        Motor Mouse
9:00 am                        Lancelot Link/Secret Chimp
10:00 am                      Jerry Lewis
10:30 am                      Here Come the Doubledeckers
11:00 am                      Alfred (guests: Norma Frasher, & Bob Stanton)

12 noon                     News with Lee Taylor
12:30 pm                  Generation Rap (Topic: the commercialization of Christmas.
                                                             Guest host: Hank Roberts.Guests: Clarence
                                                             Carter, Jim Reynolds, Jay Kinzer, Rev.Ted
                                                             Place, Candi Station, & Stevie Wonder)
1:30 pm                  Honeymooners (rerun)
2:00 pm                  Football Special with Chris Schenkel & Bud Wilkinson
2:30 pm                  Pregame Show
3:00 pm                  College Football: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas Longhorns

6:00 pm                Wide World of Sports
7:30 pm                News with Bob Hughes
8:00 pm                Newlywed Game
8:30 pm                Lawrence Welk
9:30 pm                College Football: Houston Cougars vs. Miami Hurricanes
                                                         (special; preempts regular programming)

Early Sunday, December 6, 1970
12:30 am             News with Bob Hughes
1:00 am               Movie   "Sweet Smell of Success"

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