Monday, June 8, 2015

Cover of the South Florida edition of TV Guide, dated December 5-11, 1970

Here's the South Florida edition of TV Guide for December 5-11, 1970, with Dick Cavett as the cover boy. The following stations are listed in this guide"

2                    WTHS/WPBT (now just WPBT)   PBS (in Miami)
4 (now 6)      WTVJ                                   CBS (now NBC; in Miami)
5                   WPTV                                   NBC (in West Palm Beach)
6(now 4)      WCIX (now WFOR)             Independent(now CBS; in Miami)
7                   WCKT(now WSVN)            NBC (now Fox; in Miami)
10                 WPLG                                   ABC ( in Miami)
12                 WEAT (now WPEC)            ABC (now CBS; in W. Palm Beach)
23                 WAJA ( now WLTV)          Independent(now Univision; in Miami)
34                 WTVX                                 CBS (now CW; in Ft. Pierce)

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