Saturday, April 26, 2014

WKBS Channel 48 TV Schedule for Saturday, December 4, 1965

       8:30 am                         Movie   "Top Gun" (1955 film)
       9:45 am                         Movie   "Five Maidens from Outer Space" (time approximate)
     11:00 am                         Roller Derby (in San Francisco; makes no mention of teams competing)

    12 noon                          AFL Highlights
    12:30 pm                       Notre Dame Football Highlights
      1:00 pm                       Telesports Digest
      1:30 pm                       Eagles Nest
      2:00 pm                       Movie   "The Sword of Monte Cristo"
      3:30 pm                       Movie (title to be announced)
      4:30 pm                       Movie   "Khyber Patrol"

     6:00 pm                      Hy Lit
     7:00 pm                      Movie   "The Bullfighters"
     7:45 pm                      Pregame Show
     8:00 pm                      College Basketball: Army vs. Princeton
    10:00 pm                     Hockey: New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens (time approximate)
    11:30 pm                     Movie   "The Manster"

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