Monday, April 28, 2014

WHYY Channel 12 TV Schedule for Tuesday, December 7, 1965

     9:30 am                          Classroom (subjects: 6th Grade Science, Junior High Reading, "Story
                                                                  Corner", 5th Grade Spanish, "Science Land", "Junior
                                                                   Scientist", "Exploring Our Language", Spanish 3, &
                                                                    "World of Words")

   12:05 pm                        Friendly Giant
   12:20 pm                        Film Short
   12:45 pm                        Sing Hi, Sing Lo
    1:00 pm                         Kindergarten
    1:30 pm                         Classroom
     3:00 pm                       American Business
     3:30 pm                       Teaching Reading
     4:00 pm                       Building the Bomb (special)
     5:00 pm                       Music for Young People
     5:30 pm                       Friendly Giant
     5:45 pm                       Sing Hi, Sing Lo

    6:00 pm                       Local News with Shaw & Lang
    6:30 pm                       What's New
    7:00 pm                       School Report
    7:30 pm                       American Books (featured: "Death Comes to the Archbishop" by              
                                                                                       Willa Cather)
    8:00 pm                      Open Mind (guest: Kenneth Tynan)
    9:00 pm                      Legacy   "The Crystal Year"
    9:30 pm                      Probe with Dr. Albert E. Burke   "The Monster Slayer"
  10:00 pm                      World Theater   "Nigeria: Culture In Transition"
  11:00 pm                      Local News with Lang          

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