Sunday, April 27, 2014

WHYY Channel 12 TV Schedule for Monday, December 6, 1965

     9:00 am                            Philadelphia Education (special; notes that the new members of
                                                                                        Philadelphia's Board of Education are being
    9:30 am                             Classroom (subjects: 6th grade social studies, junior high science, 8th
                                                                    grade math, 4th grade Spanish, senior high biology, 9th
                                                                    grade math, French 1, 3, & 2, & "World of Words")

    3:00 pm                        Astronomy
    3:30 pm                        Teaching Modern Math
    4:00 pm                        Dateline: U.N.
    4:30 pm                        Russian History
    5:00 pm                        Kindergarten
    5:30 pm                        Friendly Giant
    5:45 pm                        Sing Hi, Sing Lo

   6:00 pm                      Local News with Shaw & Lang
   7:00 pm                      High School English
   7:30 pm                      Philadelphia Education (guest: Richardson Dilworth, president of the school
  8:00 pm                       Film Feature   "The First State"
  8:30 pm                       Building the Bomb (special)
  9:30 pm                       Concert 12
10:15 pm                      To be announced
10:30 pm                      Ride the Wild Horse   "Years of Trial"
11:00 pm                      Local News with Lang

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