Friday, April 25, 2014

Cover of the Pennslyvania edition of TV Guide, dated December 4-10, 1965.

Here's the cover for the Pennsylvania edition of TV Guide, dated December 4-10, 1965 & featuring Juliet Prowse. The following stations are in this guide:

3              KYW                          NBC(now CBS)                        Philadelphia
6             WFIL(now WPVI)     ABC                                            Philadelphia
8             WGAL                        NBC                                            Lancaster
10           WCAU                       CBS(now NBC)                           Philadelphia
12           WHYY                       NET(now PBS)                            Philadelphia
15           WLYH                       CBS(now CW)                             Lancaster
17           WPHL                        Independent(now MyNetwork)   Philadelphia
29           WIBF(now WTXF)   Independent (now Fox)                Philadelphia
48           WKBS(now WGTW) Independent(now TBN)              Philadelphia   

also notes the existence of an educational station:
35         WUHY(now WYBE), which had no set schedule & broadcast Monday-Fridays from 9:30 am
                                                     -3:00 pm.

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