Saturday, April 26, 2014

WHYY Channel 12 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 5, 1965

   3:30 pm                          French Chef with Julia Child
   4:00 pm                          TV 12 Garden Club
   4:30 pm                          Dateline: U.N.
   5:00 pm                          Negro People   "Free at Last"
   5:30 pm                          At Issue with Bob Newhart   "Leisure Boom"

   6:30 pm                         Legacy   "The Sun King"
   7:00 pm                         World Theater   "India: Haunting Passage"
   8:00 pm                         Probe with Dr. Albert E. Burke
   8:30 pm                         Festival
 10:10 pm                         Open End   "The Big Boom On Wall Street"

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