Friday, November 14, 2014

WNBQ Channel 5 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 5, 1954

9:00 am                              Sunday Funnies
9:30 am                              Bible Time   "Deborah"
9:45 am                              The Pulpit   "Our Lady In Our Times"
10:00 am                            Live & Learn   "The Perennial Philosophy"
10:30 am                            Christopher Program   "Government Is Your Business"
11:00 am                            Captain Hartz & His Pets
11:15 am                            David Brinkley's Newsroom
11:30 am                            Action Trails   "Apache Kid"

12:30 pm                           Frontiers of Faith
1:00 pm                             How Does Your Garden Grow?   "From Blossom to Bottle"
1:30 pm                             City Desk (guest: Sheriff-elect Joseph Lohman)
2:00 pm                             NBC Opera Theater   "Sister Angelica"
3:00 pm                             Juvenile Jury
3:30 pm                             Zoo Parade   "Animals That Live Together"
4:00 pm                             Hall of Fame   "Deadlock"
4:30 pm                             March of Medicine
5:00 pm                             Meet the Press (guests:Edgar H. Dixon & Eugene A. Yates)
5:30 pm                             Roy Rogers Show   "Strangers"

6:00 pm                           People Are Funny
6:30 pm                           Spectacular   "Spotlight"
8:00 pm                           Television Playhouse   "The Last Boat In Messina"
9:00 pm                           Loretta Young Show   "Big Jim"
9:30 pm                           The Hunter   "Dead Pigeon"
10:00 pm                         The Weatherman
10:10 pm                         Dorsey Connors Show
10:15 pm                         News with Alex Dreier
10:30 pm                         Sports Star Time
11:00 pm                         Eleventh Hour Theater   "A Boy, A Girl, & A Dog"

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