Friday, November 14, 2014

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 5, 1954

8:45 am                               Christopher Films
9:00 am                               Eye Opener Theater   "Savage Drums"
10:00 am                             Sunday's Outstanding Dramas   "Law Comes to Gunsight"
11:00 am                             Sunday's Outstanding Dramas   "Housekeeper's Daughter"

1:00 pm                              Sunday Showtime   "Rolling Home"
2:00 pm                              Theater   "Pack Up Your Troubles"
3:00 pm                              TV Showcase   "Shadows Over Shanghai"
3:30 pm                              Times Square Playhouse   "Mardi Gras"
4:00 pm                              Roller Derby (no teams listed)
5:00 pm                              Play Marko

6:00 pm                          Theater   "Dalton's Women"
7:00 pm                          Theater Date   "Gyp the Gypsies"
7:30 pm                          Faith of Our Fathers
8:00 pm                          Rocky King   "Bullet Proof"
8:30 pm                          Life Begins at 80
9:00 pm                          Florian Zabach Show
9:30 pm                          Tales of Tomorrow   "Time to Go"
10:00 pm                        Television Theater   "Force of Evil"
11:15 pm                        Late News
11:45 pm                        Weather
11:50 pm                        TV Clinic

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