Sunday, November 2, 2014

KETC Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, January 27, 1974

3:00 pm                                 Playhouse Biography (featured: the Wright Brothers)
4:30 pm                                 Musical Odyssey (guests: the St. Louis Ragtimers)
5:00 pm                                 Musical Odyssey (guests: the Maryland Trio)
5:30 pm                                 Innovative Education

6:00 pm                                Zoom
6:30 pm                                Evening at Pops (guest: Boots Randolph)
7:30 pm                                Religious America
8:00 pm                                Masterpiece Theater: Upstairs, Downstairs   "The New Man"
9:00 pm                               Firing Line
10:00 pm                             Lex Singularis
10:30 pm                             Carl Rogers (topic: marriage)
11:00 pm                             St. Louis Sings

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