Friday, November 14, 2014

WBKB Channel 7 TV Schedule for Sunday, December 5, 1954

9:00 am                                Christopher Program   "Success Through Hard Work"
9:30 am                                Flight Plan
10:00 am                              Sunday Adventure Theater   "Ghost On the Loose"
11:30 am                              Faith for Today

12 noon                              Strange Experiences
12:05 pm                            Film Shorts
12:15 pm                            Your Future Home
12:30 pm                            Amateur Hour
1:30 pm                              Wild Bill Hickok   "Masquerade at Moccasin Flats"
2:00 pm                              Annie Oakley   "Annie Joins the Calvary"
2:30 pm                              Hans Christian Andersen   "The Wild Swan"
3:00 pm                              Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
3:30 pm                              Hank McCune Show
4:00 pm                              Super Circus (guests: the Mills Brothers)
5:00 pm                              Cisco Kid
5:30 pm                              Bowling Clinic

6:00 pm                            You Asked for It
6:30 pm                             Playhouse   "'Girl' In Distress"
7:00 pm                             Football Highlights: Notre Dame vs. Southern Methodist
8:00 pm                             Walter Winchell
8:15 pm                             Martha Wright Show
8:30 pm                             What's Going On with Lee Bowman
9:00 pm                             Break the Bank
9:30 pm                             Championship Bowling (no contenders listed)
10:30 pm                           Report to the People with State's Attorney John Gutknecht
10:45 pm                           Sunday Feature   "No Trace"

Early Monday, December 6, 1954
12 midnight                     Nite Owl Movie   "Gentleman After Dark"

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