Monday, September 14, 2015

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Sunday, February 1, 1970

4:30 pm                      Adventure   "A Lifetime's Search for Water" (rerun)
5:00 pm                      Our People with Jim Tilmon

6:00 pm                    Chicago Sunday Evening Club (guest: John E. Hines)
7:00 pm                    The Show(guests: Dr. James Kavanaugh, the Amboy Dukes,
                                                     & John Borger & Donal Leace)
8:00 pm                    Forsyte Saga   "The Afternoon of a Dryad"
9:00 pm                    Advocates   "Should the U.S. Continue to Reduce Its Aid to
                                                            Developing Countries?"
10:00 pm                  NET Playhouse   "The Write-Off" (rerun)

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