Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Monday, February 2, 1970

7:30 am                       TV High School (no subjects listed)
9:00 am                       Sesame Street (# 61)
10:04 am                     Roundabout
10:21 am                     Americans All
10:47 am                     All About You

1:54 pm                    Let's Explore Science
2:11 pm                    Sing Along with Me
2:28 pm                    Stepping Into Rhythm
3:30 pm                    Sesame Street
4:30 pm                    Misterogers' Neighborhood
5:00 pm                    What's New   "Stand Up for Counting" (part 1)
5:30 pm                    Friendly Giant
5:45 pm                    All Around the World

6:00 pm                 NET Children's Special   "The Brave Little Tailor & Other
7:00 pm                 Director's Choice   "A Celebration of Winter"
7:30 pm                 Bird of the Iron Feather   "Cry of the Silent"
8:00 pm                 NET Festival: Jazz at Tanglewood with Judy Collins & Don
                                                             Ellis (rerun)
9:00 pm                 Book Beat with Robert Cromie (featured: "Drive for Green"
                                                                                   by Anthony Tuttle)
9:30 pm                 Fact of the Matter with Harry Homewood
10:00 pm               NET Journal   "Hospital"

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