Monday, September 14, 2015

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, February 1, 1970

6:15 am                        News
6:30 am                        Cartoons
7:00 am                        Laurel & Hardy (cartoons)
8:00 am                        Three Score
8:10 am                        WGN Memo
8:15 am                        Mass for Shut-Ins
9:00 am                        Heritage of Faith
9:30 am                        Buck Rogers (rerun)
10:00 am                      Secret Agent
11:00 am                      Chicagoland Church Hour (guest: Rev. John M. Miller of
                                                             the 4th Presbyterian Church of Chicago)

12 noon                     Movie   "Charlie Chan In the Secret Service"
1:30 pm                     Movie   "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing"
3:30 pm                    My Favorite Martian
4:00 pm                    Family Classics   "Sink the Bismarck"

6:00 pm                 A Very Special Occasion with Jerry Vale, Joanie Sommers, &
                                                                            the Stone Country Singers.
7:00 pm                All-American College
7:30 pm                Chicagoland News
7:45 pm                Your Income Tax with Virginia Gale
8:00 pm                Your Right to Say It with John Drury
8:30 pm                 People to People
9:00 pm                Barbara McNair Show (guests: Marty Allen, Eartha Kitt,
                                                                     Patchett & Tarses, & Pacific Gas &
10:00 pm             News with John Drury
10:30 pm             David Susskind Show

Early Monday, February 3, 1970
12:30 am            News with Carl Greyson
1:00 am              Movie   "Follow a Star"

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