Monday, March 16, 2015

WTVX Channel 34 TV Schedule for Sunday, July 11, 1971

9:00 am                        Tom & Jerry
9:30 am                        Penelope Pitstop
10:00 am                      Lamp Unto My Feet
10:30 am                      Look Up & Live   "A Sense of Belonging" (rerun)
11:00 am                      Camera Three   "Every Man Has His Own Medici"
11:30 am                      Face the Nation

12 noon                       Movie   "Home, Sweet Homicide"
1:30 pm                       Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates (preempts
                                                             regular programming)
4:30 pm                       Movie   "Captain Tugboat Annie"
5:30 pm                       Where's Huddles? (animated; return; rerun)

6:00 pm                     CBS News with Roger Mudd
6:30 pm                     Insight
7:00 pm                     Lassie
7:30 pm                     Animal World with Bill Burrud   "Monkeys of Japan"
8:00 pm                     Movie   "Judith" (rerun)
10:00 pm                   Ice Palace (guests: Johnny Mathis, Jack Carter, & Lynn
11:00 pm                   News with Dan Rather
11:15 pm                   Movie   "Captain Tugboat Annie"

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