Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cover of the Miami, FL TV Guide for July 10-16, 1971

This is the cover of the Miami, FL edition of TV Guide, dated July 10-16, 1971 & featuring Cookie Monster of Sesame Street as the week's cover boy. The following stations are listed in this guide:

2                WTHS/WPBT (now just WPBT)                    PBS
4(now 6)    WTVJ                                                              CBS (now NBC)
5                WPVT (of West Palm Beach, FL)                  NBC
6 (now 4)   WCIX (now WFOR)                                       Independent (now CBS)
7                 WCKT (now WSVN)                                     NBC (now Fox)
10               WPLG                                                             ABC
12               WEAT(now WPEC of West Palm Beach, FL)ABC (now CBS)
23               WLTV                                                              SIN (now Univision)
34               WTVX  (of Ft. Pierce, FL)                               CBS (now CW)

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