Friday, March 27, 2015

WTVJ Channel 4 TV Schedule for Friday, July 16, 1971

6:30 am                      Summer Semester with Dr. Michael Massey  "Human
                                                              Environment: Pollution & Auto Engines"
7:00 am                      Popeye Playhouse
8:00 am                      Captain Kangaroo
9:00 am                      David Frost (guests: Rep Paul McCloskey, Jr. [R-CA] &
                                                          Rep. Jack Kemp [R-NY], Kirk Douglas,
                                                          Erik Brumm, & Matalya Makarova)
10:30 am                    Beverly Hillbillies
11:00 am                    Family Affair
11:30 am                    Love of Life

12 noon                    News with Del Frank
12:30 pm                 Search for Tomorrow
1:00 pm                   Where the Heart Is
1:25 pm                   News with Del Frank
1:30 pm                   As The World Turns
2:00 pm                   Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
2:30 pm                   Guiding Light
3:00 pm                   Secret Storm
3:30 pm                   Edge of Night
4:00 pm                   Gomer Pyle, USMC
4:30 pm                   To Tell the Truth
4:55 pm                   Perry Mason   "The Difficult Detour"
5:55 pm                   Weather with Don Franklin

6:00 pm                 News with Ralph Renick
6:30 pm                 CBS News with Walter Cronkite
7:00 pm                 Green Acres (rerun)
7:30 pm                 Interns   "Death Wish" (rerun)
8:30 pm                 Headmaster   "Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?" (rerun)
9:00 pm                 Movie   "The Battle of the Villa Florita" (rerun)
11:00 pm               News with Prescott Robinson
11:30 pm               Wild, Wild West

Early Saturday, July 17, 1971
12:30 am                Mister Ed   "Taller Than She"

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