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WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Sunday, April 28, 1974

6:45 am                          Five Minutes to Live By
6:50 am                          News
7:00 am                          Buyer's Forum
7:15 am                          Three Score & Community Calendar
7:30 am                          Growing Edge with Rev. Daniel Barrett
7:45 am                          What's Nu? with Eda Novick (guest: Rabbi David Graubart)
8:45 am                          Chicagoland Church Hour with Rev. William R. Robertson of the First
                                                                                          Christian Church of Arlington Heights, IL.
9:30 am                          Issues Unlimited
10:00 am                        Daniel Boone
11:00 am                        Death Valley Days
11:30 am                        One Step Beyond

12 noon                          Cisco Kid
12:30 pm                        Lone Ranger
1:00 pm                          Lead-Off Man
1:10 pm                          Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Atlanta Braves
3:45 pm                          Tenth Inning
4:00 pm                          Movie   "The Passionate Plumber"
5:30 pm                          Bonanza (rerun)

6:30 pm                          World at War  "Inside the Reich" (part 16)
7:30 pm                          Drugs: The Long Climb Up to the Bottom (special)
8:00 pm                          Hee Haw (guests: Roy Acuff & Diana Trask)
9:00 pm                          Lawrence Welk Show   "Do You Remember?"
10:00 pm                        News with Taylor & Rodderick
10:30 pm                        Movie   "The Human Comedy"

Early Monday, April 29, 1974
 12:50 am                     News with Carl Greyson
 1:20 am                       Cromie Circle (guests: John Voight, Mary Jane Odell, Merri Dee, Lee Phillip,
                                                                 Jorie Lueloff, & Sandi Freeman)
2:50 am                        News
2:55 am                        Five Minutes to Live By

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