Thursday, June 9, 2016

WCBB Channel 10 TV Schedule for Tuesday, March 29, 1977

11:00 am                      Electric Company
11:30 am                      Sesame Street

3:00 pm                       Book Beat with Bob Cromie (guest: Erma Bombeck)
3:30 pm                       High School Equivalency
4:00 pm                       Sesame Street
5:00 pm                       Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
5:30 pm                       Electric Company

6:00 pm                     Zoom
6:30 pm                     High School Equivalency
7:00 pm                     MacNeil/Lehrer Report
7:30 pm                     So You Think You Know Maine
8:00 pm                     National Geographic   "The Incredible Machine" (rerun)
9:00 pm                     In Search of the Real America with Ben J. Wattenberg
9:30 pm                     Oasis In Space   "The Power Game"
10:00 pm                   Backstage (featured: the New England Arts Trio)
10:30 pm                   Documentary Showcase   "Full Moon Lunch"
11:30 pm                   ABC News with Reasoner & Walters

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