Friday, May 27, 2016

WLBZ Channel 2 TV Schedule for Saturday, March 26, 1977

8:00 am                          Woody Woodpecker (cartoons)
8:30 am                          Pink Panther (cartoons)
10:00 am                        Speed Buggy
10:30 am                        Monster Squad
11:00 am                        Space Ghosts/Frankenstein Jr.
11:30 am                        Big John, Little John

12 noon                        Land of the Lost
12:30 pm                      Muggsy
1:00 pm                        Big Valley
2:00 pm                        NCAA Basketball: Semifinal, teams not listed (special)
4:00 pm                        NCAA Basketball: Semifinal, teams not listed (special)

6:00 pm                        On the Line
6:30 pm                        NBC News with John Hart
7:00 pm                        Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins
7:30 pm                        Andy Williams (guests: Juliet Prowse & Wayland Flowers)
8:00 pm                        Emergency   "All Night Long"
9:00 pm                       Movie  "The Stone Killer"
11:00 pm                     Norman Corwin Presents
11:30 pm                     Saturday Night Live with Jack Burns (Musical guest: Santana)

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