Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WCSH Channel 6 TV Schedule for Sunday, March 27, 1977

7:00 am                        News
7:15 am                        Sacred Heart
7:30 am                        Gospel Singing Jubilee
8:00 am                        Rex Humbard   "The Leper"
9:00 am                        Big Blue Marble
9:30 am                        Circus
10:00 am                      Movie   "Last Train from Gun Hill"

12 noon                      Eternal Light (special; preempts regular programming)
12:30 pm                   Meet the Press (guest: Senate Majority Whip Alan Cranston)
1:00 pm                     Movie   "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers"
3:00 pm                     Woman of Valor (special)
4:00 pm                     Movie   "The King & I"

6:30 pm                    American Life Style (profiled; Edward V. Rickenbacker
7:00 pm                   World of Disney   "The Horse In the Gray Flannel Suit" (conclusion; rerun)
8:00 pm                   Movie   "Flight to Holocaust"
10:00 pm                 Hollywood Out-Takes (special)
11:00 pm                 News
11:15 pm                 Loyal Opposition (guests: unnamed Republican party spokespeople; special)

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