Thursday, July 7, 2016

WGN Channel 9 TV Schedule for Wednesday, May 2, 1970

5:50 am                         News
6:00 am                         Five Minutes to Live By
6:05 am                         Romper Room
6:35 am                         Top O' the Morning
7:00 am                         Ray Rayner & His Friends
8:00 am                         Garfield Goose
8:30 am                         B.J. & Dirty Dragon
9:00 am                         Hazel
9:30 am                         Bewitched
10:00 am                       Phil Donahue Show (guest: Dr. Meyer Friedman)
11:00 am                       Dealer's Choice
11:30 am                       I Love Lucy

12 noon                       Bozo's Circus
1:00 pm                       Father Knows Best
1:30 pm                       Movie   "I Dood It"
3:30 pm                       Johnny Appleseed
4:00 pm                       Flintstones
4:30 pm                       Cartoons
4:45 pm                       News with Taylor & Roderick
5:00 pm                       Bewitched
5:30 pm                       Hogan's Heroes

6:00 pm                    Andy Griffith Show
6:30 pm                    Dick Van Dyke Show
7:00 pm                    News
7:15 pm                    Lead-Off Man
7:30 pm                    Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros
9:45 pm                    Tenth Inning
10:00 pm                  News with Jack Taylor
10:30 pm                  Movie   "Dr. Blood's Coffin"

Early Thursday, May 2, 1974
12:20 am                  News with Carl Greyson
12:50 am                  Movie   "No My Darling Daughter"
2:45 am                    News
2:50 am                    Five Minutes to Live By


  1. Do you mean Wed., May 1, 1974 here? May 2, 1970 fell on a Saturday.


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