Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WLYH Channel 15 TV Schedule for Thursday, December 9, 1965

      7:05 am                          News with Mike Wallace
      8:00 am                          Captain Kangaroo
    10:00 am                          I Love Lucy
    10:30 am                          McCoys
    11:00 am                          Andy Griffith
    11:30 am                          Dick Van Dyke

   12 noon                            Love of Life
   12:25 pm                          News
   12:30 pm                         Search for Tomorrow
   12:45 pm                         Guiding Light
     1:30 pm                         As The World Turns
     2:00 pm                         Password
     2:30 pm                         House Party with Art Linkletter (guest: Gloria Swanson; rerun)
     3:00 pm                         To Tell the Truth
     3:25 pm                         News with Douglas Edwards
     3:30 pm                         Edge of Night
     4:00 pm                         Secret Storm

    6:30 pm                         News with Walter Cronkite
    7:30 pm                         Peanuts   "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (special; premiere; notes that the
                                                               Munsters are preempted)
    8:00 pm                         Gilligan's Island   "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes"
    8:30 pm                         My Three Sons   "The Hong Kong Story"
    9:00 pm                         Thursday Night Movie   "Merrill's Marauders"

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